anghara (anghara) wrote,

We did Potter

Back from "Goblet of Fire"... dunno, entertaining enough, but just... somehow... not quite satisfying. Too much Harry-the-superman, perhaps. And what I want to know is why did that stupid horntail dragon crawl around the roof of hte tower, a task for which it was patently unsuited, if it could have just swung around the curve of the turret and blasted Harry while he hung there by the skind of his teeth waiting to get at his broom... and I want to know, too, how he could possibly have his wand afterwards, after taking a direct spill from a highspeed broom and losing the wand in the process...

AARGH. It's hell being a writer and seeing movies or reading books and going, "And another thing..." and poking holes in the plot fabric with your finger...

Some great moments in there, and ROn has WONDERFUL comic timing - and the highlight of the whole thing still remains Rickman's Snape and the way he spits out his words as though they burn his mouth like acid. Enjoyed it, but there were too many things in there that should have been seen (as in, how did the others dispatch their dragons? Just a hint would have been nice... or the many, many "NO SWIMMING" signs that simply HAD to have been all around that lake, given what lives at the bottom of it. THose multi-toothed squid thingies were something else...) and perhaps a few things that could have been lost in order for the more important stuff to happen. For instance, the ball was grand and fun and all that, but there wasn't near enough intensity in there (as shown) to justify anything much - it was just a running gag for a coming-of-age movie. It worked in the book, perhaps, because the book gives that much more scope. Here, all we get is a bunch of cute cliches - Hermione's duckling tomboy transformed into a swan (or a cinderella into a princess, complete with taking off her shoes after the ball), a bunch of hanger-on girls who abandon the lame duck Harry and ROn because they're dorks, Neville Longbottom having, apparently, the time of his life with GInny Weasley... and in the meantime there's four dead dragons to dispose of, a murder of a government official that nobody seems to take much notice of at all, and they sent out the Dementors from Azkaban for Sirius Black, for Ghu's sake, how many more stops would they have pulled if they had any inkling (and they had more than an inkling, given the Quidditch WOrld Cup events) that VOldemort himself was out and about...?

Perhaps I"m being a tad churlish about it - but honestly, "entertaining" is about the best I can come up with. I laughed at the right spots... but. BUt, but but.

Oh well. Entertaining. I saw the first extended trailer for Narnia in the cinema tonight, and I am SO looking forward to that one - Aslan with the voice of LIam Neeson. Well, they COULD have done ALan Rickman I suppose but I'll take Neeson [grin]

Last pass through the "Last Ditch" MS tomorrow, and then it's on its way. WIsh it luck.

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