anghara (anghara) wrote,

Space... the final frontier...

They sent a craft called Phoenix to Mars.. It will go squat somewhere in the polar regions and figure out if anything ever crawled on the surface of the red planet. They even sent some reading material, in case they find something literate. God, I envy the people whose words will land on another world. Even if they do no more than sit there in a vacuum for the next hundred years. Even if they rot there. THEY ARE THERE. That's something that makes me lift my eyes to tye stars and weep with wonder.

Godspeed, Phoenix.

Oh, and just in case they DO find sexy Martian life forms?... NASA is redesigning those Golden Age Pulp Fiction spacesuits we all know and love. When we step up to meet some Martian lovely, apparently the powers that be have decided that they don't want that entity thinking that human beings are really shaped like the Michelin Man... (Future, here we come...)
Tags: where no man has gone before

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