anghara (anghara) wrote,

Just a comment in passing...

We're planning on seeing the Pottermovie sometime soon - I refuse to fight with the crowds, it'll be around for a while, we'll go in a few days - but it's tough to avoid the reviews of it which are popping up everywhere like mushrooms.

One, a "review of the reviews", does a sort of summary of what's been said so far, and calls the reviews that "Order of the Phoenix" has received "lukewarm".

It then goes on to say this:

In London, The Times newspaper gave Phoenix three stars out of five after its Tokyo premiere and said, "It is a film where the balance of narrative tips from action to intrigue, and there are some that will find that tedious."



Actually, to me intrigue has never been tedious. I'll take intrigue over a Quidditch match any day. But then, I don't watch the Superbowl either, and I glory in thick complex novels. Maybe I'm just weird.

Anyway. Just thought I'd mention it. A more detailed verdict after I've seen the movie.
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