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It's REALLY snowing.

We decided to poke our noses outside and go get a few necessities, before the predicted snow really hit. The problem was, it hit while we were out there. Driving home in it was something of an experience. And the damned blizzard stopped just as I parked my car at my house and heaved a sigh of relief. Go figure.

Everything is QUITE beautiful, though, and even driving in that insanity I was doing so with a goofy grin on my face. God, I love watching it snow. Those big white flakes coming silently down from the pewter-coloured sky. It's this waking dream, the white silence, and I'll never grow weary of it.

In non-related news, the first editorial pass through "Last Ditch" is now complete. I'm printing it out and then Himself is going to go through the hard copy, my first-line editor and my trusted other set of eyes. After that... we'll see what remains to be done.

And in the meantime, the Christmas lights are out, the tree is decked, and it's snowing.

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