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If you're wondering what's become of me... might be glad to know that I've been writing like a fury, and have achieved two and half chapters in less than a week, really. (The half, that was the tweakery that needed to be done to one [already sort of finished] chapter before I could go on with those other two I mentioned...)

It looks like the next chapter is slated to happen before the end of this week, which, ladies and gentlemen, gets me to the 3/4 mark of this novel. It's downhill all the way from there. I'm thinking it's going to clock in at a respectable 90 000 words or so - which, once again, is LONG for a YA, but rdeck always helps me to eschew excess verbiage on those occasions when I really egregiously commit it, and my Harper editor has proved to be pretty good with whittling words where necessary - between the three of us, myself, hubby and the pro, we managed to scrape just over 10 000 words off the 108 000-word behemoth that was "Spellspam" in first draft. I feel good about this third book - it's been the hardest one to write, what with keeping in mind its identity as book the third and the final in a trilogy and the necessity for it to wrap the storyline up in a neat and satisfying story arc - some day I might blog in more detail about the dramas and joys of trilogies.

One other thing - for one brief shining moment, "Gift of the Unmage" actually held a four-figure sales rank at Amazon. Whoever bought the books that helped push it there - blessings on you, my friends. (now do it again.)
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