anghara (anghara) wrote,

On foreign editions again...

I've just received the prototype of the cover for the Portuguese edition of "Embers of Heaven", and I can't post this yet but believe me I will the moment I have the opportunity because it's a breathtaking cover, and my cover genie is being really good to me yet again.

But in the meantime I went back to the Difel website (that's my Portuguese publisher) and they have some 20 pages of catalogued works under the "Literatura Estrangeira" heading (that is to say, foreign books which have been translated into Portuguese). The catalogue begins here, on page one; I am somewhere on page 15, I think, but ye gods and little fishes. Look at the rest of the people on those pages. Umberto Eco. Isabel Allende. Collen McCullough. Marguerite Duras. J.D.Salinger. Herman Hesse. Yann Martel. H. Rider Haggard. Francoise Sagan.

I'm... kind of... shellshocked. To even BE there.

The Gods have been kind.

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