anghara (anghara) wrote,

Book club meeting

Just came home from spending a couple of hours with some 9 or 10 articulate and funny women whose book club had picked "The Secrets of Jin Shei" for this month's offering and invited me over as a guest. They grilled me on points of interest in the book, laughed at my stories, and sent me home, finally, with a huge bouquet of pink peonies and a card signed by all of them which told me how much all of them had loved the book.

Writing is such a solitary craft - you sit with yourself and your book in front of your computer, and it's between the two of you, the book and you, and it's a very closed little circle. And then it's out there, and it gets read, and suddenly there's people out there who know your characters and who care about them or loathe them (hopefully the proper emotion in the proper quarter, if you've done your job well!) and the whole thing comes ALIVE, and honestly I learn more about my books at these gatherings than I've ever known from just writing them. They all thank me for coming, and I tell them that I thank them for having me, for having shared their enthusiasm with me, for keeping my faith burning and my joy alive, knowing that there's readers out there for whom I write and who enjoy what I write. It's a huge reward, this justification of one's solitary writerly existence.

Thank you, ladies. I had a wonderful night.

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