anghara (anghara) wrote,

Books and blogs and all that jazz...

Well, it's kind of like this. I'm trying to get one of the former kind of tamed, and urging the usual kind of wild-horse narrative that I ride bareback and without a bit in a direction that will aim it towards a certain kind of closure - and it's a different beast altogether right now, all I've ever had to deal with before was a single book, now I've got to try and get an entire trilogy squared away to everyone's satisfaction.

I kind of, sort of, you know, shouldn't really be HERE at all [looks around furtively for spies and secret agents].

But hey, what's a deadline if it can't be snuck around every so often so I can play hooky?...

I really should get back now, though, but in the meantime, I'll leave you with this - oh, let's pull out a quote at random:

And let's face it, there are more than 80m blogs now, many of which are badly written, not regularly updated and then dropped after a couple of months when the author realises how much upkeep they require. But does this mean blogs cannot be the source for decent writing? I'd argue they can; in fact, I think the very act of writing online allows for quality material and this is down to one main factor - the readers' comments.

In the light of that final remark, discuss, if you care to.

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