anghara (anghara) wrote,

Spring has truly sprung...

... and so have roadworks. Holy cow, the mess they've made out of our route into town. To be fair, it'll probably impact far more on the dwellers on hitherto quiet residential streets now pressed into service as detours while a major chunk of road is being dug up apparently down to bedrock by the looks of things (there's a forlorn little sign outside one of the houses in said side-streets, saying "6 days down, 117 days to go" and they obviously mean to have a countdown to delivery going on throughout this long hot messy summer... and wouldn't you KNOW, I have visitors coming in all the way from NEW ZEALAND in July, and the thing they're going to take away with them from this gorgeous place is dust and detours. Sigh. I suppose I'd better plan on organising a whale watching trip or something to take their minds off things.

Went off today to mail sundry items that had been knocking around the house for a week or more, because the upstairs office was starting to look like a post office depot. All of that is on its way now. Cross it off my list.

I've a yen to make muffins, so I bought a couple of key ingredients today and I'll be mixing it up tomorrow. I'll also be fixing the chapter I finished just before I left for Leavenworth, and then later this week I'll be forging ahead. I would LIKE, in theory, to be able to finish two more chapters before Wiscon. We shall see how that goes.

In the meantime, my garden is an ongoing delight. My yellow rhododendron has an extravagant 19 blossom florets on it, and six other rhodies are blooming or about to be. My white lilac is about to open. My lily of the valley is out, and the perfume outside my front door is making its presence felt. The peonies are getting big, and they should be popping within a couple of weeks - and now I've noticed that my gladiolus bulbs are coming up - they didn't bloom last year, but maybe this year I'll get lucky. And the last few of my spring bounty of tulips are sitting on my kitchen windowsill, glowing at me with vivid colour as the late afternoon sun comes slanting into the house during the long slow afternoon which is starting to feel an awful lot like summer.

So. Tomorrow. Muffins and mucking about with the last chapter until it gets pummelled into the sort of shape that I want it in. And after that - detours notwithstanding - it's full steam ahead...

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