anghara (anghara) wrote,

"Well, I'm back."

As Sam Gamgee said to Rosie. Well, I'm back. I drove nearly 350 miles in two days, but it was through country that looks like I hope Heaven will look if I ever get there - mountains, mountains under snow, forests, and crystal clear cold mountain streams tumbling in whitewater laughter down rocky beds. I'm, you know, kind of tired now...

But before I crash tonight - Leavenworth is still as much of a gem as I remembered it to be - but god help anyone on a diet who ever wanders into that place... The Book For All Seasons folks were great, and took wonderful care of me (thank you Amy, Kate, Pat, and crew!). We spent Friday night at the inn above the bookstore, with its rooms decorated in the style of different authors - we stayed in the Patrick McManus room, with a teeth-baring trophy bear-head hanging over the beds covered with quilts, and a pair of gigantic rubber boots being used in the bathroom as dry-vases for a bunch of stuff including the biggest pine cone I've ever seen in my life - I'd love to see the tree that bore that baby. Outside the room an honest-to-goodness real European oak tree (or something that bears a remarkable resemblance to one) spread its munificent boughs. On Friday evening, eighty teachers attending a local teachers' conference descended on the exquisite little space that is this little bookshop, and I did a short reading from "Worldweavers" and then just spent the rest of the night signing books, and hobnobbing. A very good time was had, and some very nice connections were made. I'll be back at this place come August, doing a writing workshop for teens - and I very much look forward to it.

On the way home we stopped off at a couple of convenient on-the-way bookstores to meet and greet with the booksellers. A tiny indie store in Marysville had a copy of "Worldweavers", but after I visited and chatted to the owner/operator she was planning on ordering more copies, and on giving them prominent placement, and on asking me back for an event to be possibly tied in with local schools. THe Borders store in the Cascadia Mall in Burlington had five copies of the book in-store, all turned face-out on the shelf, and the guy behind the cash register said, "Oh yeah, these are SELLING". Always good to hear.

Then back home, to cats who started out a bit sniffy (I couldn't get a purr out of either until at least three hours after we were back...) but have since decided that the only way to prevent us from disappearing on them is to follow us closely around the house and basically take cat-naps in whatever room we happen to be in right now. Tomorrow I have a few trip-related loose ends to do - prepare some mail, email a couple of people, all like that, and hopefully the writing folks will be turning up in the afternoon - and then I need to go back to my chapter eight, tweak it to my satisfaction and call it DraftOneDone, and push on with the third book. I am hoping - with a bit of luck and a lot of application - that I'll have it close to two-thirds done by the time Wiscon rolls around in three weeks. We shall see.

See y'all tomorrow.
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