anghara (anghara) wrote,

I have a desk. Who knew.

I was getting close to drowning again, piles of paper everywhere, all related to SOMETHING, needing to be filed, to be paid, to be looked at, to be dealt with, to be read, to be assimilated.

I finally wrestled it down to size. I have ONE time-sensitive pile which might entail a deadline or two; the rest... is in envelopes, or in folders, or in files, or in my head where it ought to be. I've emailed those who needed to be emailed, stamped the envelopes that need to be tossed into the post box tomorrow, ye gods, I can see the top of my desk again.


Okay. Time for the next chapter, now. No more excuses. I've been very good and industrious - and tomorrow I have plans, as in, there's a long-standing lunch date with a local group of freelance writers - so tomorrow I'm pretty much writing off as a "writing day". But the rest of this week - I have no further obligations or commitments. And I have set myself a certain writing goal.

By Wiscon, I need to be in a certain place with this novel. I won't have finished it - that would be too much to ask - but I need to have done a substantial chunk of it. Because May I have other things happening - a conference appearance, and Wiscon - and then June I have another event scheduled - and then I have house guests in July - and then it's August - and it's WORLDCON, and Japan - and I"m all out of time. Book 3 needs to start HAPPENING, like, now.

So, fair warning. I may be here somewhat less.

The writing life. You just gotta love it.
Tags: writing, writing life

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