anghara (anghara) wrote,

The Psychic Marriage

A few years ago, while we were still back in Florida, rdeck was in the house having a nap in the afternoon and I was in the office - different and entirely detached building in the back of the lot - surfing the net. I came across this news article, detailing a vicious attack on a bystander by this demented squirrel (no, not THAT squirrel, eneit) in, I believe, New York's Central Park - or some such urban wilderness. It was too long ago now, the details blur. In any event, the animal in question essentially decided that the human being it attacked was some sort of invasion of its privacy, and managed (if I recall correctly) to inflict a couple of good nips and plenty of scratches before it was manhandled off the poor attackee.

Being attacked by a SQUIRREL - and suffering damage in the process - struck me as incongruously funny, so I emailed the link to the article to rdeck to look at when he arose from his slumbers.

When I eventually strolled back to the house, it was to find him awake.

"I had the damnedest dream," he informed me. "I was being ATTACKED by this SQUIRREL..."

I just stood there with my mouth open for a few moments.

"But I just emailed you an article about that," I said.

"About me being attacked by a squirrel?" he said unhelpfully.

I swatted him. "No, about someone ELSE being attacked by... oh, just come and READ it!"

The upshot of this is... his dream wasn't QUITE a match to the article, but enough points of congruence were present to make us look at each other and demand that we stay out of the other person's HEAD, thank you very much. I had EMAILED something to his DREAMING MIND. This was FREAKY.

There was at least one other instance of that - I no longer remember the details of the dream but I do recall that we both woke one morning and reported an eerily similar dream involving lions.

And then, of course, there's the same-time-same-words-same-intonation Events - like the time when rdeck and I went with his writing class - some, oh, I don't know, five or six people all told - to the only place which appeared to be open at 10PM in Stuart. FL, which happened to be a Denny's, for a cup of coffee after class. One of rdeck's longtime students and devoted acolyte, a young man called, oh, let's change names to protect the innocent, Dave. The rest of us, when we got to Denny's that night, ordered coffee - and perhaps an English Muffin,just to have something on a plate. Dave ordered this Meat Skillet Surprise thing, which arrived in a platter-sized cast-iron skilled, piled high with bacon and sausage and other meaty stuff. It was *ten o'clock at night*. We stared at this immense plate of food, rdeck and I, and then said, in the same moment, with exactly the same emphasis, "Good GOD, Dave!"

He actually looked afraid for a moment.

But we do that a lot, finish each other's sentence in the midst of it, or watch some TV show and at the same instant turn and look at each other and know we're thinking precisely the same thing (often a quote from a different show that we'd watched together, the SAME quote), or do that "Good God Dave" type utterance, saying the same thing in precisely the same instant. Go figure.

What brought this on is, well, this morning I woke up and related a dream where I was on some sort of ocean liner, one with a totally screwy elevator system where the only way to get from floor 2 to floor 3 was to take this particular little elevator whose ONLY purpose this was (forget about the fire hazards, this was a dream...) and then you had to take a series of other elevators to get to wherever you wanted to be, and one of the things that stuck with me was me going to a foreign exchange place and asking how much I could get, in Hong Kong dollars, for US$90 - and the girl behind the counter saying pityingly, well, HERE it would get you a four-day cruise, and THERE it would get you a day's worth of a sightseeing trip through the city, and SOMEWHERE ELSE AGAIN it would get you a decent hotel for the night... but in Hong Kong, she said, "You'll be lucky if it gets you a bowl of rice". (I knew HK was expensive, but WHOAH....) And as I was telling rdeck this scene, he got a funny look on his face, and said, "In MY dream last night, there was this *big ship*..."

Really, now. Get outta my head, and all that. This is getting entirely too weird...

Now excuse me while I go and Google how much a bowl of rice costs in Hong Kong...

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