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Getting there...

So - tomorrow there's the family Thanksgiving (my folks are coming, and one way or another it is actually the first Formal Dinner Party that they are coming to in their grown-up daughter's house. So just pray that the roast beast comes out okay...)

It is unlikely I"ll be doing any actual WORK tomorrow, but that's just as well - the line edits are done, and I've dealt with a lot of the Editorial Points as I was going through the book anyway, so Friday and over the weekend I'll be going back over my six-page editorial letter and seeing where else tweaks or additions or surgery is necessary. I should be able to have this beast done by the end of November, and if the editor in question accepts the changes and moves on (fingers CROSSED) I"ll have a couple of weeks break (Christmas cards are starting to loom large, for instance) and then I have book #2 of the trilogy to write and then, hopefully, on to another Big One - pending discussions on the synopsis submitted to the Powers That Be. Next year is shaping to be a lot less convention-y and far more writerly than 2005 - this year was great but I find myself rather looking forward to a couple of months of letting the words wash over me.

In the meantime, the German edition of "Jin Shei" and the Australian edition of "Embers of Heaven" both due in January, and Heaven alone knows when the Spanish, Catalan, Turkish, Czech, Lithuanian and Portuguese editions of "Jin Shei" are due - some, maybe, late next year others (whose contracts I had signed later) probably in 2007. The first book in the Last Ditch trilogy - the one I'm busy doing the editorial tweaks on right now - is tentatively scheduled for US publication at the end of 2006/beginning of 2007. Mark your calendars...

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