anghara (anghara) wrote,

Sunshine! (And other stuff)

There's a big yellow orb in the sky. The Pacific Northwest cowers in astonishment. We haven't seen it for a while...

My garden is popping out all over - I have lily of the valley spears pushing through now, one of them with a comical little hat of leaf mold debris which it didn't manage to grow through or shake off but is now wearing at the top of its head like haute couture. My lilacs are in full leaf bud, but alas no bloom buds that I can see. Sigh. But my PEONIES are coming up, like little red spears, and the Japanese maple is in bud, and my mint patch is sprouting, and there's potential tulips all over... like, wow. This place in springtime is almost embarrassingly fecund with buds and blossoms and blooming things.

mareklamo popped in earlier today, bearing gifts of chocolate (to help me with my copy edit, she said. Bless her.) jkling is back in the country, with tales of having hiked Mount Doom in New Zealand and apparently photos to prove it, but last heard from he was still in a distant airport and expected home only late tonight - so we'll get to check out the pics next week, I suppose.

Copy edit's mostly done now, I need to get in touch with my editor to discuss a few things and then I need to do a few minor rewrites, and then I can mail that sucker back to New York. ANd then I have a couple of reviews I owe to various people that I need to write, and then I need to *get back to book 3*.

I've a reading on April 5; I've a teachers' conference and a workshop at a teen writing camp on two different weekends in May, and then Wiscon at the end of May; I have an event I've promised to be present at in Seattle in June (and I'll try and combine that with a couple of other things in the area so I'll keep my "where's Alma" lists updated with that); we have houseguests over my birthday, in the first week of July; end of August/early September I'm in Japan; October a con in Canada; November WFC and probably Orycon; oh my dear GOD, there goes the rest of my year, flying past with wings on its heels. I can't believe how fast I'm living these days.

Copy edit first. I'll try and get that done tomorrow, so I can mail it in on Tuesday. After that, we will see.

Off to bed now. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day.

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