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Not to repeat myself all over the web, have a look at for some news (Double Digits! THat's all I'm saying!!!)

In completely non-related matters, we've been fogbound for the last two or three days - and I do mean just WE - apparently accross town the sun is shining brightly. Go figger. Microclimates rule, OK, and it seems that Bellingham is blessed with them in abundance - we will not forget in a hurry the time a few years back - right about this time of year, as it happens, a few years back - when we came to an intersection and discovered that it had snowed. JUST on that intersection. The road and the four corners were white with it. Within the circumference of a few yards, there was a sharp boundary and then there was no trace of snow. It was as though someone's prayers were answered - very locally, very precisely - with no fallout, as it were, going anywhere but Right Here. The WHite Christmas Star [grin].

And speakign of Christmas... yes, I know it's WAYYYYY to early and I won't break into a song-and-dance routine of 'Feliz Navidad" - but here's a thought concerning presents for all of you out there who have readers on your lists. Go out and get them a book. If you like a particular book or a particular author, and you already own that book yourself, and if you can afford to do so, go out and buy another copy of a favourite book and give it to someone else who might appreciate it. It's a gift three times over - you get the joy of KNOWING you're giving someone something good; the recipient gets something deeply valuable and somethign that is very special to you; and it's an investment in your favourite author's career, so that there will be a NEXT book. The authors are up to you and your own tastes, but I know many people who are writing wonderful books which will make wonderful presents. So look out for these names (amongst others):

Louise Marley
Brenda COoper
Jennifer Fallon
Trudi Canavan
Glenda Larke
Patricia McKillip
Lee Modesitt
Sara DOnati
Sharon Lee and Steve Miller
Jim Hetley
Charles Stross
Mary Gentle
Robin Hobb
Guy Gavriel Kay
Victoria Strauss

Many, many others, but that will do for starters.

Happy reading, and happy holidays!

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