anghara (anghara) wrote,

Travelling, day 1...

Got on the plane, no problem, but not before we had highly unusual excitement on the airporter bus when one of the passengers got himself stuck in the lavatory in the back and had to be extracted through the emergency exit window. Fully half of the rest of the passengers were on the cell phone by the end of this with some variation of, "You're NEVER going to believe this..."

Anyhow. Got on the airplane, and sat down next to a woman who drank, I kid you not, six or seven screwdrivers in the less than four hours it took to get from Seattle to Chicago. I mean, aren't those, like, you know, ALCOHOLIC??? She must have been pickled by the time we landed. She had enough screwdrivers to fill the toolbox for a good-sized home renovations project... Anyway. Got off at Chicago, got onto another airplane, got off in WHite Plains, and I am now at my hotel waiting for tomorrow morning to hit the ground running and catch a commuter train into NYC. I have a morning of exploration and research, lunch with my editor, afternoon tea with my agent, and then back to Rye for Lunacon where I hope to see a bunch of LJ-ers - please wave at me if you notice me and if we haven't yet met in person tell me who you are in the LJ universe...

I will be in touch sporadically. I hope. Watch this space.
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