anghara (anghara) wrote,

If you really REALLY want a date and you KNOW you're a dog...

enter e-Cyrano.

Um, the obvious question - if someone bites on the strength of your tweaked profile, and you told them you're a six-foot-five Pierce Brosnan lookalike astronaut with a PhD in Shakespearean literature which you did just for fun... aren't they going to be just a TAD disappointed to find out that you're five foot four, work as an assistant accountant in a podunk town, and are an ex-hippie who was truly a part of the sixties in that you can't actually REMEMBER them at all...?

Funny this should come now, right on the heels of something else I've read recently - about a guy who had a "date" set up with someone who, as he puts it, told him that she was "A well-built five foot eight and had long hair in a ponytail" - only to find a dumpy pock-skinned girl with a little knob of hair pretending to be a ponytail riding on the top of her head waiting at the appointed place at the appointed time. He was supposed to be driving by there and picking her up - he said, in that account, "...I kept driving."

He didn't say what he told HER about HIMSELF. And whether he mentioned that he was such a superficial jerk.

Maybe he used a profile groomer...

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