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I HATE "daylight savings time". I really really REALLY do. With a passion. ALl this running around and changing clocks over - have I got them all? the one in the car is fussy and it takes some finesse to set - so do I just leave the fricking thing as an hour OUT for half a year and forget about it? - the feeling of a wrongness to the day on which the change takes place, aaargh. So it gets dark, people. For frick's sake, just live with it.

An extra fillip was added to my resentment this morning.

When I bought my bedside clock, it came with a blurb that it AUTOMATICALLY sets itself for teh wretched daylight savings thing. As in, on the night that DST is supposed to come on, the clock flicks forward or back an hour, AUTO-FRICKING-MATICALLY. You bet I snaffled it up. One less thing to think about, one less clock to watch, one clock which will ALWAYS be right.

Yeah? Yeah. Well, the thing has a little computer inside of it. A computer that's programmed to do the DST thing when it USUALLY comes on, in April.

Except that this time, and forever more, it came last night.

You guessed it. The clock doesn't reset. It WILL, however, reset on the night that the OLD DST was supposed to change over. So instead of having an appliance that makes my life simpler, I now have a clock which I will have to think about resetting not TWICE a year but FOUR times a year - twice to manually change it to the proper time when the time changes DO happen, and twice to change it BACK to the proper time for when they were SUPPOSED to happen. And the fanfare of "change your clocks now" only happens when the real DST change occurs, so now I"ll have to track the clock and remember when the "Real" change happens - because remember this happens at 2 AM and there is no way of knowing, when I wake up on a given morning in April, whether the time is correct or whether the thing had reset itself at 2 AM that morning.


I am so not happy

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