March 28th, 2015

Jin Shei Cover from sgreer


Number One is being helpful - this is how the thing appears, the complete subject line:

[Spam] the Abu Dhabi Charity Donation!

Thank you for TELLING me you're spam, oh blessed message. I would never have known, otherwise.

Number two is a little ambivalent:

Enter the website to read Anghara's message

If you mean a message FOR Anghara, which would be my net name and not my real name so you don't know me and I don't need to see a message from you especially so announced, that's NOT WHAT YOU SAID. And if you're inviting me to the site to read my own message... to myself... well, unless I'm suffering from split personality disorder and don't know it, I DIDN'T SEND ONE. So, cheers, spamlet. Nice try.

Number three is... um...

Carmelina B. wants Anghara to EXPLORE her BOOBS

Perhaps they just want me to check for breast cancer. Yes, that must be it. On the other hand, it is from someone called Carmelina B. Carmelina. I, uh, thanks, but I'll pass.


And this was a LIGHT day.