March 28th, 2014


And the author's cat...

SOme of you might have heard that we have recently (as in, just before New Year) adopted a half-blind ex-feral tiger-striped caramel tabby who - they say - was about 2 years old but whose antics since arriving to live at our expense make me think that they overestimated that age considerably (he's still very much kitten).

He's a very well behaved young man whose persistent efforts to play with the currently resident 10-year-old grand old lady cat have been met with constant and consistent hissy-fit resistance - but he doesn't give up. He just gives ground when yelled at and bides his time until another chance comes along.

He's also a very entertaining animal, and you just have to love this, for an author's cat. Yesterday he worried a file out of a vertical filing rack that happened to be within his reach, pulling the file almost completely out. We kind of chuckled and asked him to fill out a proper application if he wanted employment as an office assistant... and it only really occurred to me later to check on WHICH file he was so interested in.

It was a folder containing information on my curren WIP... which happens to be about Were-critters.

After I stopped laughing, I began to get a tad worried, actually.

Just how much does this cat know, how long has he known it, and what was he planning to do with the information he was trying to extract?...

And what, if anything, does he turn into when I'm not watching...?

This is him, by the way, vintage about two months ago. I need to take more pics...

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