February 1st, 2014

Jin Shei Cover from sgreer

Name Poll for Lady Rumpelstilstkin character!

I USED tto be able to do a poll here, but they've gone and changed eveyrthing around again and I can't find it now - so anyway - let's do it freehand...

So Lady Rumpelstiltskin has acknowledged the possibility of four names. Which of these three do YOU prefer?

Frances (she goes byFrankie)

Agnes (she is better known to friends as Ness)

Marguerite (but better known as Maggie

Vivian (the only instance where she doesn't accept diminutives. If she's Vivian, she's Vivian. Not Viv, or Vi, or Vivi, or anything twee like that. THAT'S HER NAME. Keep that in mind while voting.