April 27th, 2013

some days...

Spam idiots strike again

Really, you want to sit some of these people down and EXPLAIN things.

This rocked up in the old inbox just now:

I will like to discuss a very important crude oil project with you. I
wrote to know if this is your valid email.Please, email me for details on: [redacted]

What, if I don't get this email I should let him know? No, this is not my correct email address but somehow I got your mail anyway to tell you this? And you want to discuss "an important project" with me but you don't even address me by name?


So, this photo show. You can't make it? Let me bring it to you....

Every one of my photos in the show that I'm currently part of has a story. And PEOPLE ARE STOPPING TO READ THOSE TALES as they pause by the photos. This is wonderful to see.

Back at the Artist Reception, last Sunday, a computer savvy visitor friend basically said, "Have you thought about putting these images and their stories into aa booklet or an ebook? I can help!"

So, with that help, I can now announce that the Books Are Here.

They are available, currently, in PDF and EPUB formats (but I will probably be adding Kindle versions soon...) - so here are your current options.

As the button below will tell you if you toggle the fold-down menu, you can do one of three things.

You can order the physical, printed copy of the book which I can print off here, perhaps even sign if you want it thus, and then mail to you through the good graces of the post office. You get a printed, colour booklet to hold in your own two hands and flip through in real-time at your leisure. All the photos and the stories are included.

You can order, for a slightly cheaper price, the thing as a PDF file which I can email to you, and you can do your own printing at home if you so desire - or you can view the PDF file on a display device of your choice.

Or you can order, for a slightly HIGHER price, a copy of the PDF file (for possible printing and physical viewing) and a copy as an ebook (currently, as I said, EPUB, but working on more...) to be viewed on, perhaps, your iPad or similar device.

(Also, BTW, if you get the book and fall in love with a particular photo, they're all available for purchase as prints - email me for details...)

Here's the Buy Button with those options:


And now, just to give you a hint of what's inside and to Collapse )

Come look at this wonderful world of ours with me, through a lens on my camera, through the words that the pictures inspired. Come walk through the flowers with me.