March 6th, 2013

Jin Shei Cover from sgreer

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New review of Dark Faith Invocations - and it says:

"Stories that touched me deeply, perhaps due to their inclusion of an important parent-child bond were Night Train by Alma Alexander, The Sandfather by Richard Wright, Starter Kit by R.J. Sullivan, The Divinity Boutique by Brian J. Hatcher, and Little Lies, Dear Leader by Kyle S. Johnson. I loved the fragility of Alexander’s story, the way that faith in oneself is so important and how much that can be bolstered by becoming a parent. It helps you plumb new depths of strength, because there is now this new life depending on you. A little person that believes you can do anything and it’s incumbent on you to keep that faith unbroken for as long as you can. I love how in this story that faith is reflected by the lost souls on the train and that the protagonist’s unborn child is that which saves her dying lost personal god."

ALWAYS great to be one of the name-checked stories in an anthology...