November 19th, 2012

Jin Shei Cover from sgreer

So - it has recently come to my attention...

...that the Nebula nominations for this year are now open, and if you are an Active, Lifetime Active, or Associate member of SFWA you are now eligible to submit a nomination ballot - said nominations to be all in by 11:59PM PST on February 15 2013 (that's starting to sound SCARY. We can't be this close to another year already. This one turned up on my doorstep just yesterday...)

As a reminder, nominations may be cast online or by post. The online nomination information is here Paper ballots may be requested by contacting

Since this has been a bumper year for short fiction for me (seeing as I am not a natural short story writer but tend to prefer longer and more lush novel-sized pieces of prose...) I thought I'd get this out there early, just in case anyone actually eligible to vote on this wanted a chance to find and peruse these - and this year's stories include stuff that I am really, really, really proud of. If you simply cannot get your hands on the things in Real Life (tm), leave me a message with an email address and a request and I will be happy to arrange for reading copies for you.

I will even whet your appetites by providing snippets from each story's beginning.

Here, then, in random order, my original short story sales in 2012, eligible for this nomination:

"Rum Pelt Stilt's Skin", in "Beyond Grimm", an anthology of re-told fairy tales out of the Book View Cafe collective
Collapse )

"Dreamshare", in the "Absolute Visions" anthology produced by Absolute Write
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"The Secret Name of the Prince" in the anthology "Scheherezade's Facade"
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"Night Train" from "Dark Faith II"
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"The Bones of our Ancestors, the Blood of our Flowers" in "Phantom Drift issue #2
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As I said. Freel free to request a reading copy of any of these.

As for myself, I will be busying myself with putting together a list of nominations of my own. Just looking at the anthologies which I was lucky enough to be part of should be plenty to get me started, anyway.

Happy reading, everybody. As always.