August 20th, 2012

Jin Shei Cover from sgreer

New review for Spanish Gardens here.

A little bit mixed - there was stuff that didn't work for this particular reviewer, and stuff that did - but I'll single out two things -

1) being compared to Haruki Murakami - I'll take it...!

2) This:

"Essentially, 2012: Midnight at Spanish Gardens is five life stories wrapped around a conversation. Its Fantasy element and choices did not wholly work for me, but the characters within its pages most certainly did. The experience of reading it is rather like heading over to the Spanish Gardens, getting an Irish Coffee of your own, and meeting some new best friends."

That's a blurb-worthy quote right there.

And more than that... it's EXACTLY what Spanish Gardens, the real Spanish Gardens, is all about.

So for all the things that may not quite have hit the brass ring (at least for this reader) - I think I did what I came here to do. Welcome to the Spanish Gardens that still lives on in my memory and my mind and my heart.