July 17th, 2012

Jin Shei Cover from sgreer

Reading material...

Here's an interesting offer from Sky Warrior Books:

"We're offering $20 of E-books for only $10. That's a 50%
discount. You can buy this deal today or buy and share it with
your friends to get an additional incentive!


About this business
It's easy to purchase our e-books! Check them out on our website
and send the publisher a direct email at skywarrior3@gmail.com
with your choices and coupon. You'll get links for the e-books to

The fine print
Coupon valid from 07/17/2012 to 01/17/2013. Limit 2 per person,
and one coupon per visit. Can't be combined with other offers.
Purchase the books directly from Sky Warrior Books."

"Midnight at Spanish Gardens" and "Embers of Heaven", speaking only of my own offerings, are eligible for this - so are other books by other fine authors (you can check out S.A.Bolich's books, for instance...) So, if you're looking for stuff to read...