May 11th, 2012

Jin Shei Cover from sgreer

How about a new TV series...?

I was talking to my hubby about eye-candy the other day (hey, I'm MARRIED, I ain't DEAD) and I said I wanted a single TV show with a bunch of my eye-candy faves in it. To wit, these two:

Collapse )

And then we watched another episode of "Person of Interest", which made me want to add this dude:

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- and hubby said, "Charlie's Angels".

Hell, YEAH. Charlie's Hell's Angels. Version 2. Make Charlie a Charlotte and have her run this mob of gorgeous men. *I* would watch this. In a heartbeat.

Back to work, now, I guess. (But in the meantime - who would YOU cast? And if we had a Charlie's Angels - Male Edition - Senior Citizen issue - who then? Alan Rickman, Patrick Stewart, Sean Connery?)

ETA: Because I can't stop thinking about this now (I'm playing with writing a screenplay for the pilot of this show!) Here's Collapse )