April 17th, 2012

Jin Shei Cover from sgreer

There's a review of the German "Hidden Queen..."

...in a German mag of the fantastic, "PhantastikNews" - in fact, here.

My German is woefully inadequate, and Babelfish is predictably hilarious. Example: "At this place large secrets are revealed to the king daughter, and a young man loses his heart to the Anghara grown up to the beauty. " Love it.) But the money quote, even Babelfishised, is this:

"There is many books, the magic and an inheriting, which must flee, before they can begin the follow-up of their parents, and weave romance with one another. Therefore it is not easy to out-sting and also contentwise surprise from the mass of the titles. Alma Alexander succeeded however exactly this. The title „ the hidden queen “ could not be better selected. Which must go through this small girl to bear in order to survive, only a strong will is able. "

I'll take it.

UPDATE: a kind friend who speaks German has translated the review into more coherent English, as appears below
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