March 9th, 2012

Jin Shei Cover from sgreer

This and that - bits of news...

A few heads-up moments to look out for.

March 13: new BOok View Cafe anthology, I believe the final title is "Beyond Grimm" - it has a story of mine in it and I've seen some of the others, this is going to be a keeper. Alas, e-book version only for now, or so I am told. But keep an eye out, if you have a reader. This one is going to be worth the investment...

March 16: the second German volume of the Changer of Days books is out. It's going to be out in a week, and this week its Amazon rank on the Geramn site was up in the 50,000 range. This means that there are preorders and this makes me happy. If you're a German reader, you might want to investigate this.

April 4 - 8 - I've done a substantial interview, which will be appearing over conssecutive days on five different blogs in a blog circle. I will be posting the details here before I leave for Norwescon, and it should keep you happy and reading for a little while.

May - there will be a "Spanish Gardens" event in Seattle. More details closer to the time.

Sometime this spring - the anthology "Scheherazate's Faccade", in which I have a story, is finally due out after being muchly delayed. More news when I have a firm date. But keep watching this space!