February 15th, 2012

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Oh, is THAT how it is done?...

Feature Film Writers and Producers Needed ASAP (New York, New York)
(I'd post the link but I suspect the thunder of laughter is going to be so loud that it will get pulled fairly smartly - so - I'm giving you the text from New York Craigslist ad. It's for real, as far as I can tell.

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The line starts over there.

Or not...
poisonous and evil rubbish

I'm angry. I'm appalled. I'm, boggled. I'm HURT.

In another blog entry somewhere somebody pointed out that what is spent on just eleven days of the so-called "war on terror" would pay for the entire Mars program. Hell, cut the rest of the war and you could feed all the starving kids in America. But y'all know how I feel about warmongering. It's the death of NASA as we know it, probably the death throes of the American space program, that is making me want to weep and gnash my teeth now.

Try this for a quote:

Indeed, what is truly remarkable about the Obama administration’s NASA management is that it has managed to wreck both the human-spaceflight program and the robotic planetary-exploration effort without saving any money. In 2008, NASA spending was $17.4 billion; this year’s budget is $17.7 billion. Yet in 2008, NASA was running an active space-shuttle program, preparing for the critical mission to save the Hubble Space Telescope, developing systems for returning astronauts to the moon by 2019, building the Curiosity and MAVEN Mars probes, and planning an orbiter for Jupiter’s moon Europa. Today the shuttles are gone, the moon program is gone, and this decade’s Mars and Jupiter probes are gone — all without saving a nickel. In terms of damage done per dollar cut, it may be a world record.

(read the rest of that article here

Those stars I so love, those stars I have always believed in, the stars I have dreamed that we will reach some day - if this goes on, they are gone, they ARE just dreams, they ARE just science fiction and no more, not more, not ever. And it is ours, all that out there, our heritage, and I am ANGRY that it is all being nickel and dimed away.

Dear GOD stop wasting money on pointless wars and just look UP...