February 10th, 2012

Jin Shei Cover from sgreer

Painting with words and music...

I wish I could I wish I could I wish I could make an animation of what I see in my mind’s eye when I listen to that GLORIOUS piece of music on the video. But I cannot draw. The visions that I see in my head, they’re just for me – and the only way I have of painting you a picture of what I see is with the thing that I own, the thing that I love, the thing that I spend my days kneading like bread with my hands wrist-deep in the dough in the hope that dome day somebody will pick up the loaf of bread that comes out of it and sate a hunger they never knew they had. Words.

I listened to this piece of music, oh, it must have been a dozen times over the last two days. I’ll write it out for you, the images that well up inside of me, that unfold on my closed eyelids as if I were watching one of those fabulous Disney Fantasia animations coming to life around me.

I’ll do it twice., both times under cut. If you will, just listen to the music while reading the first free-flow account. If you cannot quite see where things occur, the second part I’ll give you the exact points in the music video. But here we go – Collapse )

(Annotated) Collapse )

Can you see it? Can you SEE it?...