February 4th, 2012

Jin Shei Cover from sgreer

Spam Idiots

I had to give you this one in its entirety because it's - well - see for yourself:

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Sweeping the glass all around us I could see here and there

Count Dracula had directed me to go to the Golden Krone Hotel, which I found, he must be mistaken by almost half, for I had not left the

Then when we begin our prayer for the dead, I shall read him,

I have won 2 discounted giftcard's WHAT? Get Where? (no links...) And gift cards for what, anyway?

And what's with the WOmpires from Tronsylwania?

And what has the prayer for the dead to do with any of it? Are the gift cards to a couples-only embalming, after you've been draiend by Dracula at the Golden Krone Hotel?

It's a work of art, I tell you. A work of art.
Jin Shei Cover from sgreer

Further on the Komen/Planned Parenthood issue...

It seems that they aren't exactly sorry they did anything at all,they're just very very sorry they got caught at it - more developments here...

The bookstores (mine and Mindy Klasky's and Sharon Lee and Steve Miller's and John Scalzi's and for all I know plenty more out there by now) remain open. I suspect Planned Parenhood is getting quite a substantial chunk in donations from writers and readers this month. In a better world an organisation like PP would accept donations from dedicated book sales like this as icing on top and not as a stop-gap replacement for much more substantial grants - but in a crisis, we all do what we can...