November 5th, 2011

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So, then, folks. Orycon.

I've my schedule here somewhere. I might post it in the next day or two. Suffice it to say that I have at least one panel which I am VERY MUCH looking forward to, and oh, there's the launch reading for the River antho, with quite a few of the authors dropping in - so come join us and find out more about this wonderful collection.

I've already got my Friday dinner filled on my dance card, but I WILL be arriving in Portland and settling in my hotel on Thursday afternoon/evening. Anyone going to be around for a dinner companion?

And - for the locals with transport and opportunity and willingness - and this is still very tentative and I have to confirm things - there's an errand that I would dearly love to run on Friday morning, before Con Proper starts. If anyone is able and willing to share maybe an hour or two of their time, their local knowledge, and a possible ride to a (fairly central) destination - please do ping me for details...?

For the rest of it, see many of you in Portland in a few days, I guess...