October 20th, 2011

book and glasses

Haunted... A Halloween Contest

So. Here's the thing.

Halloween is in ten days. That is practically upon us. So yes, this is a flash contest, and an experimental one - but let's see how it works out, shall we?

It's like this. I am in the process of putting together a series of (e-book) themed mini-anthologies with three stories per book. The first two of the Tirad collections are out - the first, "Once upon a fairy tale" [Amazon] [Smashwords], is a collection of three dark fairy tales which appeared back in 1995 as a collection then known as "Dolphin's Daughter and other stories", under the auspices of an educational reading and literacy project published by Longman UK - but never before commercially available, until now. The second, "Cat Tales" [Amazon} [Smashwords] is a collection of three stories which have one thing in common - a cat (they are not necessarily stories about the cat, as such, but cats are fundamental, in some ways, to the story being told...)

The third volume in the Triads series is... drumroll, please... entitled "Haunted". Its appearance at both Amazon and Smashwords (Kindle and Everything Else) is as imminent as... well... Halloween.

The two seem to have this "haunted" idea in common, don't they?

So. If you would like some ghosts to come haunting your e-book reader this Halloween, I'm instituting a flash contest, starting *RIGHT NOW*. There are two chances to win an ebook of the Alexander Triads Book 3, "Haunted" - one winner will be picked for Amazon (the Kindle edition) and the other for Smashwords (should you own any other kind of e-reader, like the Nook for instance, or just want a PDF file to read on your computer...) And what do you have to do to enter the contest? Well, the first two Triads books are a little bare of reviews, on both the Amazon and the Smashwords platforms. Post a review, on EITHER website, and you're in it to win.

I'll give you until Halloween. I'll announce a winner on All Souls Day.

Have fun. The ghosthunt is now open.

PS - feel free to share this with whomever you wish who might not have seen this entry. Boost the signal. We only have ten days - let's see how fast it trickles through the Internet - any signal boosts are more than welcome and much appreciated!