October 13th, 2011

book and glasses

Whistler Diary, day 1

Day 1: Thursday October 13, 2011

Got on train, arrived in Vancouver practically before I had time to finish my complimentary coffee on the train, saw one honking great eagle perched in a tree (and I mean HONKING, if he had been standing on the ground at my feet I suspect that his head would have been at my mid-thigh) and two more playing tag with the low-tide islets dotted about the waterfront – all in all good journey. Got to Vancouver in bright sunshine, got to the Fairmont Waterfront hotel where I am picking up the coach for Whistler, had a nice latte served by a very pleasant young man who went above and beyond the course of duty hauling my baggages around for me as well as bringing my coffee – but, alas, although there’s TWO wireless networks accessible from the lobby of the hotel one (the Fairmont’s) costs $15.95 to connect to and the other (from the conference centre over the street) starts at $17.00. I’m supposed to be catching the bus in less than an hour, Uh, I do NOT think so. Fifteen bucks for half an hour of Internet (even if they ARE Canadian $$$) is not going to happen. Seriously, people, chill. The local Motel 8 can offer free wifi in the lobby, at least. It costs them no more or less than it costs you. Charge in the fricking rooms if you have to get your pound of flesh out of your guests but in the LOBBY?!? Really? (Needless to say my crappy little cellphone cut out at the border. Incommunicado. Aaaaaargh. I really am more wired than I realise. I should look into this whole smartphone business. It may be pricey but that might be the price of living these days… My cab driver was reporting, as we travelled from the station to the Fairmont this morning, that he found an iPhone in the cab earlier. Really, people have these expensive toys and then they just leave them lying around in taxis? The guy who lost it didn’t DESERVE it…)

Waiting for bus. Waiting for bus. Waiting for bus.

Probably update this later in Whistler when I get there. Better go haunt the bus stop now.

Caught the bus. Drove up to Whistler on a perfect autumn day, blue skies, gold leaves on the trees, white wispy clouds, new gleaming snow on mountain peaks. Arrived in Whistler as the sun was drifting down lower in the sky and the shadows lengthened.

This. Place. Is. Beautiful.

I look up into the hills above me, the great peaks rising up, snow against sky, and I smile, and my soul is at rest.

Tomorrow, the Whistler Writers Festival begins. Writing, writers, snow and sky, doesn’t get better than this.