August 11th, 2011

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Spokane, day 1

I deliberately left myself this extra day, because if I had taken the train down TODAY and got here at midnight and had to FUNCTION coherently at a con panel the next day, well, that wasn't going to happen. So I had a long leisurely day exploring the city. And practically the first thing Spokane did was make me cry.

In a good way.

There was a statue of a spaceman, in spacesuit, on one knee, helmet balanced on the bended knee and holding a bird in the other hand, looking up at the sky. And the legend at his feet, in a field of stars, said, "Never let the dream die". I practically bawled on the spot. This sort of thing has a deep and visceral hold on me and I love this city for sharing that, for even THINKING about the possibility of putting up this statue.

The rest of it is pretty, and a very nice walkable town. But I'll say one thing for it - it sucked all that Western Washington moisture straight out of me. I'm dryer than a cinderblock and I have to seriously think about lip balm almost 24/7. Still. Most of the outsidey stuff is probably behind me as I plunge into the con proper tomorrow. I believe I have a reading at some point but I still have to figure out precisely WHEN... I suppose I'll get my final program notes with registration tomorrow.

OK, then. That was a bit of exploring. Tomorrow, Spocon. See you there, or on the other side...