August 10th, 2011

travel icon

On my way to Spocon... train, admittedly, not the plane in the icon, but hey, travelling.

Sitting there this morning while a COMPLETE twit proceeded to "explain" the final Harry Potter movie to her seat companion. She can't remember what the Deathly Hallows were, exactly ("oh, I think Harry's cloak, you know, the one that makes him invisible, might have been one... and a wand, I think there was a wand... I can't remember what else"). She can't get the timeline straight ("Oh, but BEFORE that, they went to... and then they did [something] but before they could do that they had to go and see...") After seven books and eight movies she can't get characters' names straight (Professor Lupus? Professor Snap? I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP!) And then she says that she just "read an interview" with "the writer" (what, she can't remember or pronounce J K Rowlings either?) and that she's "richer than the QUEEN of ENGLAND!" and that every time a book is sold she "gets something" (um, yes, it's called a royalty...) and that she earns "millions a day".

I actually fled my seat to go out into the vestibule to call up rdeck (he's cat sitting at home) and kvetch at him about it. I mean, heavens to betsy, I am hardly a hardline Pottermaniac - but she was doing this rehash (with the emphasis on "hash") with such insouciant AUTHORITY that she was royally bugging me. God save us from people who THINK they know everything (or at least keep them far away from those of us who DO [grin])

There is WiFi on the train - how civilised - so here's hoping I can post this - blogging shall be light to intermittent over the next few days as I get into the con proper. In the meantime, play nice. And, if you like, you can come up with your own summary of the Potter phenom and post it in comments below if you feel like playing along. See if you can be goofier than the train kook. Although I seriously doubt if anyone could top "Professor Snap". There. Take that as a challenge, if you like.

Now let's see what else this cute WiFi will do for me.