August 8th, 2011

Jin Shei Cover from sgreer

The German edition of "THe Hidden Queen" is about to hit the streets -

see pretty cover here!

And book 2 of the duology, the volume known as "Changer of Days" in the USA, has THIS cover and is due out in March next year...

Oh, and I've a new Amazon review for "Midnight at Spanish Gardens" - if you have a Kindle, if you've read the book, please do leave a review on the site! It's always good to hear feedback from readers... (awaiting one or two other reviews that are in the pipeline and then I'll post a review "link salad" (sorry Jay that term is too damned useful, I'm *purloining*) of those when they're all up for y'all to read 'em. But in the meantime one or two more reader reviews at Amazon would be FAB.