March 19th, 2011

coffee beans

New! From! Microsoft!

Words deemed too complicated for a mainstream audience now pointed out to authors who really should know better!

(PS - via The Onion, so not really really real - but hey, I've had Microsoft be "helpful" before - and some of their spelling "suggestions" for perfectly good words which I used with malice aforethought have been, um, hilarious at times...

You SURE you want that book...?

My autobiographical "Houses in Africa" is long out of print in its paperback edition - but if you're willing to pay a premium price apparently someone is willing to sell it to you. At QUITE the premium price. Got $100+ to spare for a slim paperback...? (grimly amused, here...)

However, despair not. Should you have a Kindle in your pocket the book will be available (at a QUITE different price) in the Kindle store very shortly. For those of you with other brands of readers, Smashwords has it already

Go on. It's the Portrait of the Artist as a Young Woman. Growing Up With Lions. Take a look. [grin]