March 4th, 2011

Jin Shei Cover from sgreer

Internets, entertain me... please...

THIRD day in bed. My butt is starting to complain vociferously - but other than just lying flat on my back and staring at the ceiling there's little I can do about that right now. Still coughing (but I do think it's starting to ramp down - except at night - in the evenings just before I go to sleep I sound like some demented demon has possession of my chest and throat).

Started to write something - something entirely unrelated to the current WIP because I have a feeling I'd screw that up royally right now - I have a story that's starting to turn into a steampunk caper murder mystery type thang if there is such a beast possible. I may or may not finish it. It's hard work right now finding the words to put down in between being deluged with hot tea, aspirin, and the occasional solid food to keep me alive and burning through tissues at an alarming rate.

LOLcats were fun for a while. I've been playing the Fallen London game but even that's starting to be a chore right now.

I've been reading. I've read something like four (THICK) books by now. But you can't read ALL DAY. Your eyes start watering.

I owe LOTS of people emails. That's bugging the hell out of me. Nothing I can do about it right now - my email connection on this laptop appears to be spotty (there are some addresses it will NOT send to, including mine, so I can't mail a copy of anything to myself, as it were) and I can't print from it so that's a spoke in that wheel...

And so I'm sitting here, antsy, coughing, impatient, STILL SICK, and very annoyed about it.

So, Internets, entertain me. Tell me something fun. Tell me something nice. And if I ever finish this story I might JUST send it out to the person who provided the best contribution, as a reward.