March 2nd, 2011

coffee LOLcat from icanhascheeseburger

Sick puppy....

Con crud, anyone...?

Came back from Radcon. No sooner did we turn on our computers and began reading con reports in blogs, the first mentions of con crud started rolling in. Some of them spoke of not just con crud but VIRULENT con crud. I finally said something like, would everyone please stop TALKING about it because I was afraid... and I got told that if I hadn't got it already (by then) I probably would not.


First rdeck got it. Got it GOOD. For four days he was barely able to breathe for coughing. His BELLY hurt from coughing. He's getting better now. We think. But this morning...

Let's just say I am writing this from bed (FEH!) with both cats in attendance and guarding my convalescence (Boboko is curled up in the crook of my knee right now) (rdeck is mightily miffed that they did not spend ANY time with him when HE was at his worst...) (But they WUV me...)

Cough cough cough ache ache ache. Thanks con crud. Laid low with a vengeance.

If I owe anybody emails or responses please hang fire until my brain gets back online. Right now it's Swiss cheese and cotton wool, and there are a couple of little people who hate me making me cough and cough and cough by constantly tickling the back of my throat with feather dusters.

Will return when sane and sapient again.

Con crud. FEH.