February 28th, 2011

Jin Shei Cover from sgreer

Do you hear the people sing... in Wisconsin?...

(Okay whoever was playing the trumpet or whatever that weird discordant brass instrument was in the background, you can just shut up with that, and just SING if you're so minded. The rest of you... you'll never make it onto the stage, but it's certainly the most GENUINE version I've ever heard!)

(PS - rdeck says that if "We Shall Overcome" was the 60's civil rights anthem, "Do YOu Hear The People Sing" should join it as its 21st century counterpart...)

Something rather cool happened today.

I have this spam screening thingy in place in between my server and my email inbox. Well, both rdeck and I do - but see, here's the thing, he has the luxury (when he goes into the "spam" folder of this software, where it puts everything it thinks it knows is spam) of simply hitting "delete everything" and lo! things are magically cleared. I can't do that because I DO get email from unfamiliar or unexpected quarters, often fanmail, which occasionally gets stuck in the filter - and I literally have to go down the list, email by email, even if it is just scanning it swiftly, just in case I find one of these non-spam emails having been nailed in the spam trap by accident.

All of which is by way of a very long preamble - because this afternoon exactly this scenario played out - I went in to clear out my spam trap, and the very first email on the list was "Request for Permission".

And here's the thing.

There's this story, see, which appeared in an anthology put out by an educational publisher back in my African childhood - back, in fact, in the early NINETEEN NINETIES. Last century. Last fricking MILLENNIUM. Literally decades ago.

It would appear that there is a textbook being put together by a branch of that self-same southern African publisher, and they wish to include the story which first saw light of day in that anthology.

And they wrote to request my permission to do so.

Which was amazing. And astonishing. And REALLY COOL. In story years (they go something like dog years but different...) this is kind of a really ancient story for me, written wayyyyyyy back when I was young. And I love the idea that it's still alive out there, still kicking, still breathing, still sitting up and looking around with its eyes wide open and seeing the world that's changed around it... and still considered good enough to play in that world.

Of course I gave my permission. WIth utter and unalloyed delight.

The Writer Is Pleased Tonight.