January 18th, 2011

Jin Shei Cover from sgreer

R.I.P Murphy the Magnificent 1994 - 2011

Bast, Goddess of Cats,

Two and a half years ago I wrote you a letter on behalf of Murphy. The beloved. The magnificent.

You gave him back to us, then. You gave him two and a half more years in which he was adored, cared for, loved, warm, comfortable, well-fed, happy, purring, being his own stubborn and unique self. You exacted an ever-greater price for this – he was FIV-positive, he was diabetic and he needed insulin injecitons every day, sometimes he needed to be begged to eat, and now, towards the end, he and his litter box began to be estranged and the situation was often fraught as he was herded and persuaded to visit it before accidents happened elsewhere. For all that, he was ours, he was with us, he was part of our family for seventeen long and happy years. He knew us. We knew him. He had his habits and his idiosyncracies, and they were indulged.

We gave him back to you today.

Take care of him.

If you ever pour this much magnificent spirit into a single small house cat again, let him remember us, and be briefly happy at this memory of unconditional love. That, or let him come back as a lion. He always thought he was one, anyway.

It was time. We know it was time. But it is hard and bitter to face this moment – when the leaves, and we have to stay behind, and remember him, and mourn him.

The world is a different place without him.

Take care of him.

Take care of him.

This… is not Murphy – but he looks so much like this cat, and “love always” seems to be the thing I wanted to say… so it’s a way of saying farewell:

This… was my Murphy.

Good bye, my friend. I love you.
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