October 21st, 2010


Month of Museums

A little while ago the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry announced a fantastic competition: somebody would be moving into the Museum as the Museum's "roommate" - would be staying there, for a full month, exploring all the things that the museum had to offer, and blogging about the experience (more here, at the Facebook page, and the Facebook page of the "eventual winner.

I applied. I honestly thought that I would qualify for even just the first round. I didn't.

Oh, the things I could have done, have been, have written about... but here I am, and there Chicago is, and we aren't together.

So, instead, I have decided to spend this month - not DAILY, mind you, it would get boring, but a substantial part of this month - embarking on a series of posts about the museums I have been in over my life, and what they have meant to me. Some of them will be dedicated to science, some to architecture and the past, some to pure art - a heady potpourri of human dream, endeavour, and achievement.

Stay tuned.