October 14th, 2010

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How much does it hurt...?

Late to the blogosphere topic of the moment, but not because I had nothing to say, simply because I've been reading all these posts on the subject which seem to say it that much more viscerally - I keep on reading about stuff that makes my blood run cold, and about the things that still go on today with the helpless and the defenseless at the receiving end of it all, and I think back to myself - I was lucky. I was. I never got "bullied". And see, there, I put it in quotes, instinctively, because I don't feel like it has anything to do with me at all - that bullying is the kicking, punching, ripping, tearing, physical kind of thing (which I never had to endure, thank God) or even just the verbal variety of it all without help or intervention from the higher-ups. That vivid, awful, terrible descriptor of one's school days that hides monsters underneath - "school was fine" - I never had to deal with this.

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