August 1st, 2010

Jin Shei Cover from sgreer

Male Order Books...

It all started here, in a blog entry where author Hannah Moskowitz addresses what she calls "the boy problem" in YA.

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In today's days of fast food and microsecond attention spans, reading is a problem across the gender spectrum, really. Kids who grew up on texting are unlikely to suddenly sprout an appreciation for the more languorous literary kind of writing - but that isn't a boys' problem any more, or at least not JUST a boys' problem. It's the generation. They want it fast and they want it now. And quite honestly... this is not a problem that the approach of "going back to the good old boys stories, and stop focusing on the wimmin" is going to solve.

We must get our kids to read, teach them to love reading.

ALL of the kids. Not just the boys.