July 17th, 2010



The "I write like" meme post on this journal has been deleted, after certain revelations.

I was amused at the James Joyce comparison it gave me, but a little baffled, too, and with good reason, it turns out, because the thing seems to give out writers at random, at best. SO not only is it a valueless meme but even its amusement factor has been diminished by the subsequent revelations about the questionable enterprises that the site that the things links to seems to be promoting.

Hence, gone. It was the first meme I've done in a while and now this blows up - it's left a distinctly disinclined-to-play attitude behind...
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Jin Shei Cover from sgreer

July blogathon # 13: Earwormery

You know the tunes that won't leave your head? The persistent earworms? The ones that just SIT there, and the moment you think you've banished them and are thinking of something else, back they come, bigger and better than ever...

There are going to be videos galore here, so it's going to go under a series of cuts for those who don't want to scroll down endlessly...

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So what is it about a piece of music that qualifies it as "eternal", something that sticks inside of you and never quite leaves you if you've heard it ONCE...?

Many of these are helped along by the fact that they are attached to immensely popular franchises - Doctor Who, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, that sort of thing. And for those particular tunes, the simple fact that they evoke that franchise might have been more than enough. But as for the rest of them... I'll give you one guess. Simplicity.

The tunes are easy. They're memorable. They're frequently a repeated motif. They come in and they curl into your ear and they start looping, picking up at the beginning again once you've come to an end, on and and on and on. And because there's nothing difficult to remember, nothing complicated to have to keep in mind, they're just... there. Permanently. Etched in. I might have cured you of any PARTICULAR kind of earworm simply by throwing this many at you at once, but give yourself a moment or two with any ONE of them without listening to the others and you'll be off and running.

Don't come whining back at me [grin].

Happy singalongs.