May 29th, 2010

Jin Shei Cover from sgreer

I swear, I do NOT live at the computer...

...but every time I sit down I have catrambo wandering by inquiring, "BLOGGING,Alma...?" with a huge grin... anyway, here I am again, just briefly, with a couple of things to report so far -

1) dinner last night (initially with maryrobinette but eventually with about seven other people added into the mix, as per con rules) was great fun and much laughter ensued over good food. Cons are good places.

2) this year I finally made it to the Madison Farmers Market, on the Capitol Square just outside the hotel. All the years I've been coming to Wiscon I never managed to get there so this year I just said, dammit, I want to see. And I'm still pretty much waxing eloquently enthusiastic about it. They have Amish-looking folks (ARE there Amish this far north...?) selling heirloom tomatoes the size of babies' heads; there are enough flower stalls to rival Covent Garden (you feel like a right ELiza Doolittle); there are homemade and farm-made jams and jellies and cheeses and soaps; there's music on every corner. Wow. Just, wow. I came home with a bunch of flowers (lilacs and a single peony) and they're presently in water in a vase generously provided by the Governor's Club people at the hotel and my entire room smells like heaven...

Anyway. I have a panel shortly. More later. See you NEXT time I sit down to blog, catrambo.