April 30th, 2010

Jin Shei Cover from sgreer

Professional suicide? O RLY?

AS OTHERS SEE US. On Michael Chabon's essay collection _Maps and
Legends_: '(I would like to make a substantial bet that he is a fan of
_The Lord of the Rings_ too; there are hurried nods to Tolkien's
imaginarium here and elsewhere, but of all the means for professional
suicide that are available to the writer, expressing affection for
Tolkien is one of the most effective.)' (Nicholas Lezard, _Guardian_, 3

Then I am professionally dead.

I've never made any secret whatsoever that I had affection - awe, even - for Tolkien.

(And as far as that goes, a reader may or may not decide that a Tolkienesque fantasy is acceptable reading fodder or not - some of us like epic, some don't, and that's fine - any writer who cannot at least appreciate the sheer craft that went into writing "The Lord of the Rings", be he EVER SO MUCH professionally alive to my professionally suicidal, has my condolences. Live, then, and prosper Living Writer - but we here in the dead corner are living in wondrous worlds into which you will never set foot into. It is YOU who lose, not us.)
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