April 21st, 2010

book and glasses

Mark Twain and me

shsilver has put together a fanzine marking the 100th anniversary of the death of Mark Twain. There are a bunch of articles on aspects of Mark Twain and his life and legacy by several people, including yours truly, plus Twain's own immortal treatise on "The Awful German Language", and more. Get it all here. (it's a PDF file)


Tragic comic

Brought to you via kadymae: a storm in a B-cup

Our fierce moral guardian media take up arms over a 23-year-old comic book - with NUDITY! And VIOLENCE!!! - which inadvertently got left in a 10-year-old's Easter basket (and how delicious is that...) Okay, this is Utah. There are many things that go on in Utah which kind of boggle the rest of the country that state is supposedly a part of. But good God, people - this is twenty three years out of date so any "violence" in there is probably pretty vanilla compared to some of the stuff out there right now - and what shall we say about the eternal anvils and cannon balls and lawnmowers annihilating cartoon characters for generations?! And all kudos to Utah and its fervent efforts to preserve the purity of its populace, but making THIS much out of it, creating a huuuuuuge "THIS IS FORBIDDEN!!!" sign and slapping it on to this incident - and then BRINGING IN THE FRIGGING 6O'CLOCK NEWS ON TV - can we say overkill? Can we postulate that this entire thing could have been dealt with pretty easily, within the context of the family, without the attention-grabbing antics?

What is that ten-year-old going to grow up thinking?